Thank you thank you thank you to Abby and Darin and their beautiful friends and family for such a meaningful day.  Everything was gorgeous . . . the bride, her dress, her bouquet!!!, the centerpieces, the venue . . . all was in pure Brooklyn style.  The only thing missing was Abby’s mother, Patty.  Unfortunately the night before the wedding, Patty was admitted to the emergency room, and was in the ICU all day Saturday, meaning . . . no . . . she could not be at her daughter’s wedding.  Patty will be fine, but it was so very very heart breaking.   But in times like these we all have to keep the smiles on our faces and roll with the punches.  Abby and Darin kept their composure the entire time, and miraculously were still able to take in the joys of the day.  They did make one major change though.  They decided to do their ceremony with immediate family only, by Patty’s bedside in the ICU.

And to all you NYC photographers, this is one of those moments where having a mini van(as Michael and I do) can be crucial to your business. After Abby was done getting ready we hopped in the car and scooted over to the venue to meet Darin.  The schedule was already totally off by this point, so I had 15 MINUTES to do their couple portraiture.  I ended up taking about 22, but man it was QUICK! And of course they were such troopers and you would never be able to tell the stresses that were on their minds.  Abby and Darin then announced to their guests that the ceremony would be at the hospital, and they would be back as soon as possible to enjoy the evening with them all.  We then grabbed Darin’s parents and Matt, the officiant, packed everyone into the van and drove to the hospital.  When we arrived we were told that Michael and I were not allowed in to take photos.  Which of course ENRAGED me!!  “I kept thinking, are you kidding?!?!? These people are getting married today!!!”  But I humbly stepped aside, trying to keep this experience as positive as possible for them.

All went well in the ICU, and we headed back to Dumbo.  Abby and Darin then threw one of the best parties I’ve ever attended.  The catering was done by Dinosaur BBQ (who also catered Michael’s and my wedding), and they had pie instead of cake, AND there was a cotton candy machine for the kids.  It was perfection.

If you could all put a prayer in for Abby’s Mom, that would be really wonderful.

Enjoy the photos . . .

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