This past weekend I photographed the Bridal Shower of a very very close and dear friend that I could not be more honored to have in my life.  Everyone and anyone who knows Jenny will tell you that she is the most kind hearted and selfless person he or she knows.  And when I say that the things I believe in the most in this world are true love, friendship, and family, it is because of events like this one that is it so easy to be a believer.
Jenny has a HUGE family.  Which is now EVEN BIGGER because of its combination with Phil’s, her husband to be, family.  It was truly inspiring to see such a large number of amazing women coming together and exuding so much positivity.  Jen and Phil’s mothers are BFF’s already and both could not have raved more about their future children in law.  There was so much love and admiration in the air, you could smell it.  I for one believe in fate and destiny, and the coming together of these families is exactly that.  No doubt about it.
The other extremely touching thing about the day was that while yes this was Jenny’s day, there was absolutely no lack of mention of Phil.  He was just as honored as she was even in his absence.  This couple is the kind of couple that is just one in a million.
I feel 100% blessed to call them not friends, but family, and just as blessed to have met some EXTRAORDINARY and INSPIRING women this weekend.  Hugs, kisses, and LOVE to you all.
Oh and the Paris themed party is because Phil proposed to Jenny IN PARIS . . . ON HER BIRTHDAY!  Yeah . . . umm . . . yeah.  Thanks for upping that bar there Phil.

Rain brings good luck . . .

. . . Or so was the point everyone was really trying to drive home that very wet weekend.  Just a week ago my husband, Michael, and I had the honor of photographing Thomas and Linsdey’s beautiful San Francisco wedding.  Yes, it rained, it really really rained.  But I can say with the upmost honesty that it truly did not matter.  In fact, it rather added to the overall serene cinematic romanticism of the occasion.  Actually the rain drops stopped falling out of the sky about half way through the ceremony just in time for us to get those ever anticipated wedding party portraits, but still leaving the pavement painted perfectly with a wet glimmer that makes for such nice picture taking.
       And of course this was indeed a bringing together of two incredible families.  But I must say I was in awe of how much love support and affection Lindsey and Thomas received from all of their amazing friends as well.  Every single person we interacted with gave us nothing but warmth and kindness, which made for such a wonderful, fun, and easy environment to work in.
There is no doubt that these two have only the best ahead of them.  Congratulations to Thomas and Lindsey on a magnificent wedding day and the start of a loving nurturing and for sure super fun life together.

F a c e b o o k
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