Christmas?  Hmmm . . . hmmm . . .
Not sure anymore what this holiday means to me.  I have to admit that when you’re all grown up and you live in a studio in manhattan and have no room for a tree and you can’t afford to fly to see your in laws in California AND you’re too exhausted from traveling for work to drive 6 hours to your own parents house . . . Christmas does manage to lose a little bit of its luster.
On the brighter side of things we did spend christmas eve with our dear dear friends Ryan and Sara at their home in Connecticut, which was beyond fabulous as always.  And on Christmas day we went from their to see my aunt, uncle, grandma, and cousins in New Jersey.  Which also helped bring back that warm fuzzy feeling.  Unfortunately a tickle in my throat friday turned into a full blown head sinus something or other and fever by saturday afternoon, thus becoming the second year in a row I’ve been sick on Christmas.  Boooo!
Anyways, moral of the story is, we ended up having a great time, but it was all over far too quickly, and I was only feeing well enough to be creative with my camera for the first bit in Connecticut.
So a special thanks and much love to Aunt Ceci for documenting the occasion in Jersey for all of us.  And a huge hug to all of our hosts this weekend for bringing us into their homes and being such an essential and beautiful part of our lives.  Happy Christmas!!!

(Look a picture of ME! courtesy of my husby)
(Thanks for taking over my camera for a hot minute Ryan!)
(beautiful friends who truly are family)
And here are very treasured pictures of me with my new jersey family courtesy of my Aunt Ceci
(thanks for emailing grandma):
(thanks for getting one of me and the girls Uncle Tom)

Wow, wow, and wow . . .
This past weekend I had the utter and complete pleasure of going to the home of Noelle, Brian, and Max aka Macky(a nickname he refers to himself as in the third person . . . he’s just turned 2, haha).
This family embodies exactly what I love about living in New York.  Their cozy, but actually quite spacious(by New York standards) apartment was packed full of character.  So much to see, and so much to make you feel like you are really in somebody’s home, not just some stagnant room with stiff furniture.
This is a family that LOVES each other.  And I don’t just mean two parents who adore their beautiful little boy.  I also very much mean a husband and wife, who after 17! years together are clearly still head over heals for one and other.  Noelle is a make-up artist and kid groomer, and Brian is a drummer, two artists living their dreams.  I could not possibly have been more inspired.  Photographing them gave me that always needed reminder that trying to live my dream is absolutely worth it.
Thank you to all three of them for spending their day with me and Michael.  I hope to call them friends for many many years to come.

The best way to describe this couple is that you get the feeling at all times that they just wanna eat each other right up.  And you kinda wanna eat them right up too.  Or at least fold them up and keep them in your pocket.  They are constantly cracking each other up and no one else has any idea why, but you don’t really care because it’s just so cute to watch.  They were so in sync with each other, and were so good at honing in on each other and completely forgetting I was there.  In fact there were times when I’d ask them to kiss and I got worried they forgot a little too well that I was still there.  ;)  Which, really, is a great thing.
I am so so so very very very happy for these two.  Their wedding in April is sure to be as down to earth and beautiful as they are.

This past weekend I photographed the Bridal Shower of a very very close and dear friend that I could not be more honored to have in my life.  Everyone and anyone who knows Jenny will tell you that she is the most kind hearted and selfless person he or she knows.  And when I say that the things I believe in the most in this world are true love, friendship, and family, it is because of events like this one that is it so easy to be a believer.
Jenny has a HUGE family.  Which is now EVEN BIGGER because of its combination with Phil’s, her husband to be, family.  It was truly inspiring to see such a large number of amazing women coming together and exuding so much positivity.  Jen and Phil’s mothers are BFF’s already and both could not have raved more about their future children in law.  There was so much love and admiration in the air, you could smell it.  I for one believe in fate and destiny, and the coming together of these families is exactly that.  No doubt about it.
The other extremely touching thing about the day was that while yes this was Jenny’s day, there was absolutely no lack of mention of Phil.  He was just as honored as she was even in his absence.  This couple is the kind of couple that is just one in a million.
I feel 100% blessed to call them not friends, but family, and just as blessed to have met some EXTRAORDINARY and INSPIRING women this weekend.  Hugs, kisses, and LOVE to you all.
Oh and the Paris themed party is because Phil proposed to Jenny IN PARIS . . . ON HER BIRTHDAY!  Yeah . . . umm . . . yeah.  Thanks for upping that bar there Phil.

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r